Repair Service

All Tricker's Goodyear welted shoes are designed so they are able to be repaired when the original soles show signs of excessive wear.  Shoes should be repaired when the sole and heel areas wear thin, but before a hole or excessive wear actually appears.

Tricker's offers a full repair service and recommends that any Tricker's shoes would benefit by being repaired on the original last of manufacture, so as not to alter the shape and fitting of your shoes. We can offer a full and comprehensive service from a full re-build, new laces and a polish to just a heel replacement, depending on what you require.

Due to the varieties of repairs we offer to soles and welts, please contact our Head Office, Northampton, England, during normal working hours for a repair quote:

+44 (0)1604 630595 or e-mail:
Alternatively contact our contact our London Retail Store on:
+44 (0) 20 7930 6395 or by email:

We will ask for payment before the shoes are returned to you.
Payment can be by cheque or debit/credit card over the telephone.

Arranging your Repair
There are three options.

•  Return your shoes to where you originally purchased them to   arrange the repair.
•  Return your shoes to our London Retail Store,  to arrange repair.
• Send your shoes directly to our Head Office and factory in Northampton.

If returning your shoes to our Head Office and factory in Northampton, please send your shoes to:-

R E Tricker Ltd
56 - 60 St Michael's Road

Please ensure you enclose your full address with the shoes, so we can post them back to you. Also, a contact telephone number and details of exactly what repair and sole you require. On receipt of your shoes we will send a letter to acknowledge receipt and give you a repair reference number.

Repairs take approximately 3 weeks.



Last Selection Welt Sewing Insole Channelling

Sewn Channelled
Lock Stitching Heel Polishing

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