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Improving Sustainability In The Workplace

 Richard Ansell of Envertis with Martin mason Managing Director Tricker’s



Tricker's has been extremely honoured in receiving their Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, now King Charles III in 1989.


Tricker’s commitment to sustainability is at the heart of the company’s brand’s values.


Envertis has been working with Tricker’s as their sustainability and environmental advisor for over eight years, supporting them through two renewal cycles of the Royal Warrant, an increasingly demanding process including completion of a sustainability survey created by Business in the Community.


In that time, we have supported Tricker’s in continually improving their sustainability and environmental performance.  Initiatives have included developing an environmental management system, setting environmental objectives, improving energy efficiency, carbon footprint monitoring, waste reduction and improved recycling.  A key element in their success has been the commitment to, and championing of, sustainability by the leadership team.

Richard Ansell of Envertis said: “I am proud to have supported Tricker’s over the years and the Royal Warrant award is just reward for the team’s efforts and commitment.”   

What is Sustainability 

Sustainability is often represented as consisting of three pillars: social, environmental, and economic. Social aspects focus on behaviour that impacts people, such as giving back to the local community, growing sustainability in your community or where your products are used, fair hiring standards/ employee demographics, charitable giving, and employee health & wellbeing. Examples of environmental actions are energy efficiency & renewables, recycling & waste reduction, emissions (air, land, water, noise, odour), product lifecycle impact and use of local suppliers.  Product lifecycle is particularly interesting.  Because it includes manufacture, customer use and end-of-life disposal, the apparently ‘more sustainable’ product might not always be the best option. The economic pillar is often overlooked. This includes good corporate governance, profit but not at the expense of the other pillars and management of risk.  If a business is not profitable then it will cease to trade which will adversely affect the well-being of staff, suppliers, customers, and the community at large.  Similarly with risk.  Planning to avoid or mitigate the impact of events both within and beyond our control gives the business a greater chance of surviving that event.  The factory 


There are many benefits such as improved profits, increased sales, improved image, and protection of the natural environment.   Many organisations, especially larger retail businesses, want to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility and improve their environmental image.  They are increasingly doing this by demanding higher standards from their supply chain so a good sustainability strategy can increase sales opportunities and profits to these companies. Profits can also be increased by improving resource efficiency through reduced in-process waste, increasing recycling to reduce disposal costs and by improving energy efficiency. If you are looking to recruit and retain young people, there was a recent survey of students that the environmental performance of potential employers is very important, to the extent that 60% would accept a job on a salary up to 15% lower than other companies if they had a good sustainability and environmental record. With the increasing focus on Man’s impact on the environment, creating a sustainability strategy has never been more important or urgent. 

What next? 

We continue to do our best to improve our sustainability processes and procedures across all of Tricker’s, and we’re always looking at how we can do even better. We know that we won’t get it right every time, but we will continue to try to achieve the best outcome that we can. If you’ve got any suggestions, we’re always happy to hear them, and we’re always open to new ideas and methods of working that could help us on our sustainability journey.  You can contact Tricker’s on to speak with our team. 

To find out how Envertis can help your business call Richard on 07925 160902 or e-mail   

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