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Choosing Your Tricker's

Buying Guides

Our Leathers, Soles and Styles

When buying a pair of Tricker's there are lots of things to take into account. The last that the style you are interested in makes a big difference to the fit, different leathers have different properties and the sole you choose will have varying attributes. Beyond that, there is a world of different styles and colours to choose from...

Our Styles

Boot or Shoe? Country or City? Brogue or Loafer? The options are endless, at Tricker's we have a library of different styles dating back decades, all have an amazing story and some (like our Bourton Country Shoe) are simply iconic.

Learn more about our styles, how they fit, their heritage what we have available currently

Our Lasts

The last used to make your shoe determines the way it will fit and the shape of your shoe.

Many of our lasts have been in used for decades and some have the quirks of their age. When buying a pair of Tricker's be sure to check your size using our guides.

Learn more about the lasts we use and the styles available

Our Leathers

The leathers we use are sourced from the finest, most reputable tanneries within the UK and Europe.

Leather hides are a by-product of the food industry, this is even true of the more unusual leathers such as Kudu and even Cordovan.

We continue our journey into Olive tanned leathers called Olivvia.

Our Soles

We use a range of soles, some are traditional and as fit for purpose today as they were in previous decades, others are more modern and innovative.

The core collection we make uses classic sole styles whereas our seasonal collection features more innovative ideas.

Still Unsure?

Simply take a look through our collection, each product contains all of the information about the style, leather and sole choices.