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Our Leathers

The highest quality, most traceable and durable hides

Discover our range of leathers that make every pair of shoes and boots iconic. Learn all about the beautiful leathers we use which include bookbinder, calf, muflone, kudu and repello suede.

Classic Calf

Calf leather is finer grained, and lighter in weight than the hide of older cattle. This means that it is also more supple. It is also very durable in comparison to its thickness.


C-Shade originates from the 1960's when Tricker's put together a collection of browns. The collection was shaded A to E and C was the chosen colour.

Today although the leather is manufactured at a different tannery the colour is still very similar to the original.

C-Shade is renowned for being water resistant and due to its hard-wearing qualities is ideal for our country footwear.


The high shine effect is a coated treatment applied to the leather.

During our shoeroom method, we cut back this darker top to bring the lighter shade to the surface giving a two-tone effect. This is created within our Shoe Room giving the footwear a lustre and gleaming finish indicative of 1930s dress shoes.


The Horween Tannery in Chicago, USA was founded in 1905 and is the oldest tannery in the United States.  Horween leathers employ traditional tannages and techniques, carefully updated with modern applications. Their leathers are still made by hand, as they always have been.


Castorino Suede is a high-quality, full reverse suede. Reverse suede - also known as full-grain suede - is better quality than split suede which some shoemakers use. In Castorino Suede the full-grain leather and skin of a hide are left intact and the flesh side is the suede.

Castorino is extremely lightweight and features a very fine nap.


Due to their grazing habits mainly amongst thorn trees, Kudu hide becomes scratched and scarred. These marks give the leather an inimitable character making each pair of shoes and boots unique.

Indigenous to a variety of African countries, Kudu is highly praised for their meat as well as their horns and are culled regularly for export, as well as local consumption, to the benefit of local communities. 

We only purchase kudu leather in a limited amount and it is produced as a by-product of local food industries.


Muflone is a deeply grained, yearling leather that is softened in wet drums, and then tumbled in dry drums which give it its softness and texture. Burnishing on Muflone leather is achieved by a second vegetable tanning process which allows the leather to bruise.

Olivvia Deerskin

A very special tanning brew using the leaves of Olives; this brew has been patented and is named Olivenleder® (Olive Leather in English).

Our Deerskin Olivvia is extremely supple and luxurious, this is a characteristic of Deerskin but when combined with the more gentle tanning process achieved by olive based tanning it goes to new levels.


A fine nap suede made from calfskin. The hide is split and aniline-dyed to create a velvety effect on both sides of the leather. The repello suede used in Tricker’s footwear is a range of high quality, tanned to give a full, generous handle and rich appearance.

Fully treated with ‘Scotch Guard’ in the tannage, to achieve a high degree of resistance to staining in general. The proofing remains effective throughout the life of the footwear.

Olivvia Calf

A very special tanning brew using the leaves of Olives; this brew has been patented and is named Olivenleder® (Olive Leather in English).

Our Calf Olivvia has been in development for several years as we look to create our core calf colours in the more sustainable olive tanned hides.

Complete Bespoke

Tricker’s bespoke shoes and boots have walked to all four corners of the Earth. In 1953, they even took Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing to the very top of the world. 

Whilst bespoke is often thought of as a luxury, we also create footwear for those who simply cannot wear a conventional fit.