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Our Responsibility


Our journey towards a circular economy

At Tricker’s, we have an ongoing responsibility to ensure that our processes and our ways of working remain sustainable, whether that’s the materials we use or the lives of the expert craftspeople that we employ.

We know that it’s an ongoing journey and there’s always ways to improve, and we’re striving to do so!

Talking Sustainability

Tricker's MD Martin Mason & Patrick Grant talk sustainability | 9 min

Talking Sustainability

Tricker's MD Martin Mason & Patrick Grant talk sustainability | 9 min


Environmental aspects of sustainability are things like energy efficiency and renewables, recycling & waste reduction, emissions, product lifecycle impact and use of local suppliers.

We also ensure that our shoes are easy to repair and renovate, meaning that fewer pairs contribute to landfill sites around the world.

Olivvia Leather

For our exclusive Olivvia Leather, the olive leaf extract is made from leaves that are a by-product of the food industry and are often burned. It is an entirely organic brew called Olivenleder® and all waste can be used as a natural fertiliser including the leaves and leather shavings. The olive leaves are entirely sustainable and are a bi-product of the Olive Oil industry, millions of which fall during the Olive harvest and are traditionally burnt.


We focus on behaviour that impacts people, such as giving back to the local community, fair hiring standards/ employee demographics, charitable giving, and employee health & wellbeing.

 We employ local workers, use local suppliers wherever we can, and we believe in training our staff in a trade, teaching them skills which will benefit not only themselves but their community and the country overall.


Where we can, we use local suppliers and work with local companies to support our business. Whether it’s the lasts our shoes are built on or the rubber soles used across many styles.

When sourcing materials that we cannot locally, such as leather we always look for full transparency around traceability, ethics, pay and business practice.


Conserving and repairing, rather than simply buying something new and replacing, is at the heart of our manufacturing process.

Almost all elements of Tricker’s footwear can be repaired or replaced, and our Goodyear Welt construction means that it’s easy for us to do.

Repairable things have a future – when you choose to repair you avoid waste, save raw materials, and help protect the environment.


We also consider the wider economic impact that our business has. This includes good corporate governance and profit - but not at the expense of the other pillars. A business like Tricker’s needs to ensure that we remain profitable otherwise, it has ongoing adverse effects on our staff, suppliers, and the local community. Helping to lessen the negative economic impact helps us build towards continued dedication to sustainable production processes.

Environmental Policy

For more information on our environmental practices please view our dedicated policy.