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Shanghai, China

Shanghai STORE

Our First Authorised Service Centre

Tricker's opened the first-ever authorised service centre in China, adding new capabilities to enhance the customer experience and support the sustainable growth of the Tricker's brand in the market.

Tricker's shoes are known for their durability and are made to last. Looked after properly and well maintained, there is no reason why a pair of Tricker's should not last a lifetime.

Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, and the Tricker's repairs department regularly restores shoes and boots that are more than 20 years old. The service centre is the first of its kind for Tricker's in China and is located at the Eternity Studio store at Shanghai's Dingxi Road. It is equipped with professional and modern shoe maintenance and repair equipment and instruments. The service centre will provide customer education, sales, repair, maintenance, and other after-sales services to the customers of Tricker's products.

Our Shanghai store is open, as follows:

Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 8.00pm

Tricker's Shanghai Store

1318 Dingxi Road,
Changning District,

Tel: (00 86) 400 0067 082