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Since 1904

The Tricker's Factory

In the Heart of Northampton

The Tricker's factory located in the heart of Northampton's shoemaking district is an abundance of quirk and charm, the kind of characteristics fit for the movies and funnily enough it has provided exactly that back drop. For all of us at Tricker's the factory is a home and is as fit for purpose today as it was when it was built in 1904 when Edward VII was on the throne.

Shoemaking Perfection

A pair of Tricker's starts life in our factory as a leather hide selected by Richard, it is then cut right up in the top of the building, we call this clicking. The components make their ways around the factory through closing (the sewing together of the upper), lasting (where the upper is moulded around the last), making (where the sole is joined to the upper), welting (where the outer sole is joined) and then onto finishing and finally the shoe room on the ground floor where each pair is checked, boxed before making its way to you.


Since 1829, Tricker’s has been making bespoke shoes for the world’s most distinguished feet. 

As you might expect, we are too discreet to mention anyone by name, but our current bespoke customers include Royalty, members of the aristocracy, politicians, captains of industry, soldiers, sailors and airman, explorers and leading figures in the arts.

Tricker’s bespoke shoes and boots have walked to all four corners of the Earth. In 1953, they even took Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing to the very top of the world. 

Our Factory

Built and opened in 1904, our factory is based on St Michael's Road in the old shoemaking district.

The same factory is still the base for all manufacturing today, every pair of Tricker's is 100% made in Northampton. Whilst manufacturing processes have changed over time, our craftsmen and women continue to follow traditional techniques

This building is so famous for shoemaking, that most of the internal scenes of Kinky Boots, were filmed on location here.