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The Shoemaking Capital


Where the very best handmade shoes are made.

Northampton is situated in the heart of England and is a town renowned for its shoemaking industry - the history of which goes back hundreds of years. Historical demand for Northampton shoes became so strong that by the year 1840 there were 1,821 shoemakers in the town, that was around a third of all adult males in the town at the time. 

The first record listing the export of shoes from Northampton is in 1378 when some were sent to Flanders and by 1525, shoemaking was a significant part of the makeup of the town.

A shoemaking guild was set up in 1401 which controlled the way the work was performed to ensure good quality. All the shoemakers in the town belonged to the Guild, which regulated the trade and also provided religious services and social events for its members.

Why Northampton?

The town had the advantage of possessing three crucial raw materials. Cattle for the leather and oak bark and water from the Rive Nene to use in the tanning process.

Northampton was also within easy reach of London and other large towns where many people needed shoes. It was also a stopping off place on the drove road from Wales to London.

The Craft

Centuries of shoemaking heritage ensure that even today there is the skill, pedigree and experience required to create the world's finest shoes.

No where else will you find so many esteemed makers in such close proximity. It's not just about the makers though, Northampton also boast the last 'Last' makers in Springline as well as rubber sole makers, Harboro Rubber Co.

Our Factory

Built and opened in 1904, our factory is based on St Michael's Road in the old shoemaking district.

The same factory is still the base for all manufacturing today, every pair of Tricker's is 100% made in Northampton. Whilst manufacturing processes have changed over time, our craftsmen and women continue to follow traditional techniques

This building is so famous for shoemaking that most of the internal scenes of Kinky Boots, were filmed on location there.