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Leather Focus: Hydro Nubuck


We are bringing back a classic, high-quality European side leather into  our collection, the Hydro Nubuck. A popular leather amongst Tricker’s fans worldwide, Hydro Nubuck is tanned using a special waterproof treatment. It is oil impregnated to offer a high level of water resistance, without compromising on the beautifully soft nature of the skin. 

Often Tricker’s fans will liken Hydro Nubuck to Suede, but although they have a similar feel, Nubuck is more durable thanks to its special 'waterproof' treatment, giving it hydro-repellent properties. This means that you can get caught out in the April showers and your feet will remain dry.

Hydro Nubuck is high quality, tougher and one of the more resilient leathers as it can withstand more action compared to suede without becoming as scuffed. The hard-wearing properties combined with a special tannage finish help bring out the full character of Trickers boots and shoes.

At Tricker's, we source the finest grain leather on the market. Hydro Nubuck is top-grain leather, made from the outer layer of calfskin. It is incredibly durable, providing Tricker’s wearers with a comfortable, hard-wearing shoe or boot that will last a lifetime with the appropriate care.

Hydro Nubuck is a top-grain leather that has visible markings and defects which are sanded and buffed from the outside to provide a consistent appearance. The sanding process leaves a slight nap of short protein fibres, giving a velvet-like finish to the leather. To hide any defects remaining on the nubuck surface, it is tanned with a special 'waterproof' treatment to give the leather hydro-repellent properties and a luxurious finish.

Tricker’s fans will appreciate the quality and durability of the nubuck. Another characteristic that sets it apart from the rest is that the leather is much more breathable than other leathers on the market. 

The high quality and breathable nature of the leather not only makes it an incredible leather for comfortable shoes and boots, but the durability of this top-grain leather provides Tricker's wearers with footwear that will stay in excellent condition and will last a lifetime with the appropriate care and upkeep.

Not only are shoes and boots that use Hydro Nubuck comfortable, but they also do not require polishing or shining, unlike some other leather types, due to the Hydro Nubuck's velvety surface, which only requires occasional cleaning.

To maintain Hydro Nubuck, we advise letting the leather dry naturally away from any heat sources and then brushing off any loose dirt with a soft suede brush.


Visit our Leather Care page for information on caring for different leather types.


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