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Nick from Stridewise visits the Tricker's Factory

Last year, Nick from Stridewise visited Northampton from America to experience the Tricker's factory and witness the production of our iconic Stow Country Boot.

Join Nick as he tours our Northampton shoemaking factory, following the labour of love that is involved with crafting Tricker's shoes and boots - from selecting the leather to the final inspection of the finished style.

Head over to Stridewise to read about how Tricker's make Britain's best boots, and join Nick on his tour via the video in the article.

The Stow Country Brogue Boot in Acorn Antique Calf Leather is Tricker's iconic country boot. Built on the 4497s last, which was commissioned in 1937 to celebrate the coronation of King George VI, it fits true to UK size and has been in use for decades.

Our Stow Collection also features seasonal and exclusive styles. Browse the current collection.

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