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Olivvia Leather


Tricker’s have been working alongside the world-renowned German Tannery, Weinheimer to develop the very best leathers, those suitable to be used on Tricker’s shoes. These leathers have been named “Olivvia” and sales have been growing steadily over the last few years.

 Camilla plain derby boot in Olivvia leather


These remarkable leathers are made using an all-natural tanning procedure. In this process, an essence from olive leaves is used for tanning the leather.

Tricker’s has secured an exclusive deal enabling use of this innovative leather within the footwear market.  Developed in partnership with the tannery Weinheimer, Olivvia leather uses olive leaves in the leather tanning process and is one of the newest leathers in the marketplace.

As with all our leathers, traceability is very important to us, the raw material for “Olivvia" leather is sourced from the Alpine regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are produced according to best practice standards with an emphasis on environmental protection as well as good employee relations.

“Olivvia” distinguishes itself through its soft and pleasant feel as well as its unique and natural smell of leather with a warm undertone of olives. Its low allergy risk makes it a suitable leather for sensitive customers.

The olive leaves provide a totally chrome-free tanning alternative and are a bi-product of the olive industry, diverted from being burnt as a waste product, thereby avoiding the environmental impact of that process.  This chemical free leather combines the natural smell of leather with the warm undertone of olives Technology.

By teaming up with the company “Wet-green”, Tricker’s and Weinheimer have been given access to an innovative vegetable tanning method. In this process, an extract from olive leaves is used for a natural tanning of the leathers. This helps to eliminate chemicals, such as chrome, making the leathers suitable for sensitive customers. The leathers are known to have a very low allergy risk, as many chemicals can be omitted.

It is also a very sustainable process, as olive leaves are a waste product during harvest and pruning. In the past, the leaves have been burnt, creating an environmental impact. By sourcing the leaves for “wet-green” technology, this environmental impact can be reduced.

Tanning agent tanning agent developed by Wet Green


Tricker’s believe that true luxury unfolds when superior craftsmanship meets responsibility. The tanning agent is a patented procedure from “Wet-green”, who believe it has the potential to lead global leather footwear production to a more responsible future which is sustainable and healthy for the environment.

The unrivalled beauty of Olivvia leather however, results from the fact that it is not inferior to traditional leather despite being produced with the help of a tanning agent.

Robert shoe in Olivvia leather


Burford Plain Derby Boot in Olivvia


A certain desire for luxury goods often results from taste and the ability to enjoy true quality. When superior craftsmanship meets global ethical responsibility, this leads to the creation of products which can be described as very relevant for today.

Such products are not at odds with the ideal of a better world with greater social justice. Quite on the contrary, they often promote this development. It is the luxury of a new quality, of a new way of thinking.

The aim is not “less harmful”, but good for the environment, biodegradable, free from pollutants. Investing in Nature as the true engine of our economy.

Olive tree leaves used exclusively as a tanning agent


The facts of sustainability:   

Ecological sustainability:

The ingredients for a sustainable product should not only be harmless to the environment during production but ideally have a positive effect.
Our olive leaf extract is exclusively made from leaves of the olive tree. At present, these leaves are often burned!

Economic sustainability:

When producing from renewable raw materials, the good intentions often have a reverse effect as damage is caused elsewhere. For example, agricultural land may no longer be available for growing food.
The olive tree leaves used for our tanning agent accrue anyway during pruning and harvesting!

Social sustainability:

Whether it is appropriate that people have to labour under ignoble conditions when making a product is a question everyone needs to answer for themselves. Here at Tricker’s, we take great pride that we are 100% made in Northampton, using components sourced in the county and employing local craftsmen and factory operatives from the county.
In some Mediterranean regions, the production of the tanning agent used to create Olivvia leather tanning agent was able to create new sources of income for farmers. We make sure that they are paid fairly – for us, this is an aspect of social sustainability.

 Olivvia tanning agent:

The tanning agent developed and used to create the soft and hardwearing Olivvia leather is a vegetable concentrate based on an aqueous olive leaf extract. The same tanning active ingredients can be found in natural cosmetics as well as in extra virgin olive oil.

The tanning agent is neither corrosive nor subject to the hazardous goods regulations. Furthermore, the plant extract is free from metals and any chemically synthetic reactive tanning agents.

With regard to environmental and health aspects the product is completely harmless over the entire value-added chain. The tanning procedure used by Weinheimer is suited to match the tanning agent.

It not only ensures maximum sustainability and consideration of all ecological aspects but also allows reduction of acids, salts, syntans and dyestuffs as compared to traditional tanning methods.

What is more, an entire step of the tanning process, the traditional “pickling”, is no longer required. The wet-green tanning of the pelts can start immediately after bating.


 HRH, Prince Charles The Prince of Wales being shown Olivvia Leather at the Trickers Factory


Tricker’s continue to lead in the traceability and sustainability of the materials used to make Northampton shoes and boots. The advances they have made with Olivvia leather using are extremely encouraging - it is remarkable something so beautiful can be made entirely using waste matter from the food industry.


The factory in Northampton

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