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Elthea Tramping Shoe

Elthea Tramping Shoe


Trickers are very pleased to launch our Tramping Shoe available to purchase on

ConsTruct is inspired by our Heritage; and traditionally made for outdoor use and pursuits in the British countryside

“Elthea” as a brand name was a play on words with” Healthier”, early marketing from 1905 of Tricker’s footwear indicated it could prevent influenza or the common cold by keeping your feet dry.



The Elthea 9060 “Derby” Tramping Shoe can be identified by its “open” lacing system, meaning that its eyelet tabs are stitched on top of the shoe’s vamp.

Edward Smith-Stanley, the 14th Earl of Derby, is a name synonymous for the cut. The Earl apparently was a man of generous proportions, and his large feet made it difficult for him to wear boots. In response, his bootmaker developed an open-laced boot that accommodated his feet better than closed-laced boots.

Our Tramping shoe is a key part of Tricker’s Heritage; made traditionally for pursuits in the British countryside. This shoe is based on a design from 1926.


Trickers were the first choice for the country where they kept your feet dry whilst hunting, walking (called Tramping) and working in the land. The Tramping shoe is a part of Tricker’s Heritage; made traditionally for pursuits in the British countryside. It is essentially a shoe within a shoe, made with double vamp and counters, whole cut, perfectly smooth with a seamless inside. The upper is stitched in 80’s thread and a 12’s needle for a more refined finish.

Made in England, all our boots and shoes are made by hand in our Northampton factory by skilled craftspeople who carefully construct each pair over 260 individual stages

The Lightweight Commando sole is our classic Tramping rubber outsole. Known for its sturdy tread, the commando sole offers great traction and weather resistance, and has a  strong profile. They provide excellent durability and grip across all terrain - particularly in the countryside.

The rubber medallion centre stars provide not only cushioning, but also traction while the outer lugs are designed to provide stability and off-set the toe and heel pads. This helps to improve shock absorption when worn for extended periods.

In 1940, the British military authorised Commando soles for use in the British Army, and in the 1950s Commando soles were used by explorers across the North and South poles, the Antarctic and climbing Mount Everest

Constructed on our 4497S Last which was commissioned in 1937 to celebrate the coronation of King George VI



The leather is Ollivia Buffalo Nubuck that has a unique rugged look. These remarkable leathers are made using an all-natural tanning procedure. In this process, an essence from olive leaves is used for tanning.

This thick, durable leather is very reliable and known for its softness, strength, and durability. The fibre of the buffalo leather is coarser and stronger than in cowhide. The resulting grain structure is appreciated by connoisseurs of the rich, deep tones which give it a striking appearance. It is available in Burnt Sugar, Navy, and Café.

With appropriate care, buffalo leather will last a lifetime, developing, over time, a rich patina which enhances the beauty of the leather.

With a tonal stitch, brass eyelets, and a natural edge finish, and a spare brown/yellow lace included, these shoes are not just built for the job, but also eye catching in their appeal.

Our shoemakers stretch the closed uppers on individual lasts for all our designs. It’s a delicate operation that requires a brilliant eye, heat, moisture, and the occasional touch of force. The upper is then secured to the woven rib on the insole with small nails and staples to hold the shoe together until the welt is attached.

The welt joins the insole to the upper on every pair of Tricker’s shoes and boots. The sole is then stitched onto the welt. Because our welted shoes are sewn rather than glued together, a skilled craftsman or woman can unstitch and repair them whenever it is needed.

This method is known as Goodyear Welted which is the trademark of quality Northampton-made footwear



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