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Leather Focus: Olivvia Acorn

In 2017, Tricker's embarked on a transformative partnership with Weinheimer, a renowned German tannery, and Wet-Green, a team of tanning liquor specialists. This collaboration marked a significant step towards sustainably tanned leather with a genuine environmental impact. The result was a small collection featuring Olivvia leather, an exceptional material tanned by Weinheimer using Olivenleder liquor - a tanning brew derived from olive leaves, pioneered by Dr. Heinz-Peter Germann in Wet-Green's lab. 

Olivvia is a pinnacle of tanning excellence, combining the highest quality hides with Olivenleder—a tanning process rooted in sustainability and setting new industry benchmarks. This remarkable leather is luxurious, durable, and free of any deceptive practices. 

Olivvia Acorn

At Tricker's, we have embraced the unique characteristics of Olivvia leather, which differs from traditionally dyed hides. The entire tanning process is gentler, requiring our skilled shoemakers to adapt their techniques accordingly. Over two years of development, we have steadily expanded our usage of Olivvia leather, constantly exploring its potential for creating exceptional footwear. 

Tricker's unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation has led us to Olivvia Acorn leather—an exquisite material that embodies our values of craftsmanship, style, and responsible manufacturing. Experience quality, sustainability, and luxury in our Olivvia Acorn leather creations, as we continue to push the boundaries of shoemaking excellence. 

Acorn Olivvia

The Olivvia Acorn leather is the hallmark of quality that is rooted in a rich heritage of shoemaking excellence. From the eco-friendly sourcing of materials to the quality craftsmanship and timeless design, we continue to be a standard-bearer in the industry.

By choosing a shoe or boot that features Olivvia Acorn, you not only embrace sustainable fashion but also become part of Tricker's legacy of quality and style. Step into a world where sustainability and heritage harmoniously coexist, and discover the unmatched beauty and craftsmanship of Olivvia Acorn leather. 

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