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Dainite Studded Sole

Tricker's, established in 1829 and now in its 5th generation, has been making shoes and boots for almost two centuries. Still owned by the founding family, we continue to maintain the entire shoemaking process in-house in our Northampton factory and support local suppliers for social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Dainite, who has produced since 1894 in Market Harborough, England, is situated near Northampton. In 1910, Dainite introduced the Dainite Studded Sole, a rubber sole featuring large studs. While the iconic design may not be considered traditional, it provides excellent grip on most surfaces and proves to be durable and comfortable.


The Dainite Studded Sole quickly gained popularity and began to be used by luxury shoemakers worldwide, thanks to its versatility and lack of cleats or heavy grooves to store dirt and muck. 

Bourton Danite

With a design as relevant today as it was in 1910, Tricker's offers a range of shoes and boots featuring the Dainite Studded Sole. Our collection ranges from classic models such as the Bourton and Stow, to the Ethan Monkey Boot and seasonal styles.

Bernwood Danite

Should you own a Tricker's shoe or boot without a Dainite Studded Sole, you can have it replaced when the time comes for repair. Simply send them back to us and request for us to replace the sole with a Dainite Studded Sole! Our boots and shoes use a Goodyear welt, meaning we can disassemble the shoe and repair it as needed.

Dainite Studded Sole Repair Replacement


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