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Men's Summer Shoe Styles

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, now is the time to revisit your footwear collection for the summer season if you haven’t already. From seaside vacations to garden barbecues, summer calls for stylish and comfortable shoes that can keep up with your adventures. In this journal post, we present you with the ultimate guide to men's summer shoe styles. 

Whether you're looking to elevate your casual attire or add a touch of sophistication to your formal wear, our Summer Sale has something for every occasion. From classic brogues to sleek loafers and ideal wedding shoes, our Summer Sale offers a range of footwear crafted with the same attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship that first established our reputation almost two centuries ago. 

Embrace the effortless elegance that Tricker's footwear will bring to both casual and formal ensembles. We’re going to dive into some of our most selected styles to complete your summer look for both casual and formal attire and highlight designs that work for both. 

Casual wear 

Penny Loafer 

Step into summer with Tricker's Penny Loafer, the perfect footwear choice for both dressed up and dressed down attire. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this iconic style effortlessly combines timeless design with superior comfort. The Penny Loafer's slip-on construction and soft leather upper make it a breeze to wear, providing a relaxed yet refined look. Its versatile nature allows you to pair it with shorts, chinos, or even lightweight summer suits, adding a touch of laid-back sophistication to your outfits. The only question one need ask themselves when it comes to the loafer is, socks or no socks? We have a range of Penny Loafer colours which are ideal for the summer season – in Black, Chocolate Repello Suede, Marron Antique and Burgundy.

Penny Loafer

Daniel Tramping Shoe 

The Daniel Tramping Shoe is the ultimate casual style for summer. Designed for those seeking both comfort and durability, this Derby shoe combines rugged charm with a contemporary aesthetic. Whether you're exploring the city streets or embarking on a countryside excursion or attending a casual wedding, the Daniel Tramping Shoe is the perfect companion. Pair it with your favourite jeans, shorts, or even summer suits for a laid-back and refined style. The Daniel Tramping Shoe is available in a range of colours and leathers, from Blackberry Hydro Nubuck, to Café Repello Suede, Espresso Burnished and Snuff Repello Suede. 

Daniel Tramping Shoe

Evedon Chukka Boot 

Elevate your summer style with the Tricker's Evedon Chukka Boot, a versatile and sophisticated choice for casual footwear, crafted with impeccable attention to detail. The natural fully leather lining ensures breathability and comfort, while the woven canvas pull loop adds a touch of texture and convenience. With its Barbour welt and single Dainite studded rubber sole, the Evedon Chukka Boot combines durability with traction, making the perfect summer stylish companion that effortlessly combines classic design with modern functionality. The Evedon is a new addition to the Summer Sale and is available in Café and Snuff suede. 

Evedon Chukka

Formal wear 

Appleton Oxford City Shoe 

Indulge in timeless elegance with the Tricker's Appleton Oxford Shoe, a refined and sophisticated choice for formal occasions such as weddings. The Appleton Oxford Shoe features a sleek and polished leather upper, exuding sophistication and refinement. Its closed lacing system (known as Oxford lacing) adds a touch of formality, making it a perfect match for your wedding attire. The natural fully leather lining ensures comfort and breathability, whilst the highly revered finish is as individual as it is subtle. The Appleton is timeless, traditional formal footwear, available in Black and Brown Museum Calf. 

Appleton Oxford City Shoe

Trenton Oxford City Shoe 

Make a stylish statement on your special day with the Tricker's Trenton, an Oxford shoe with punch detail and the perfect choice for formal occasions such as weddings and dinner parties. This exquisite shoe is meticulously crafted with impeccable attention to detail, reflecting timeless elegance and sophistication. The natural fully leather lining ensures comfort and breathability, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the day. With its sturdy leather sole and expert craftsmanship, the Trenton Oxford Shoe is available in the finest grade calf skin in colours Black and Brown. Step into your wedding day with confidence and grace, adorned in the Tricker's Trenton Oxford Shoe, a testament to impeccable style and exceptional craftsmanship.  

Trenton City Shoe

Casual & Formal wear 

Penny Loafer 

The Penny Loafer is the perfect shoe for dressed-up or dressed-down occasions. Our loafers are comfortable and breathable and provide an idyllic profile for the hot summer wedding, BBQ or garden party. Traditionally, the loafer is built with a single-leather sole which is more lightweight and flexible than a double-leather sole. The single-leather sole also has a city shoe-like profile, helping to keep the loafer formal. We have a large range of loafers available in a range of colours, in Black, Chocolate Repello Suede, Marron Antique and Burgundy. 

Bourton Country Shoe 

Embrace the versatility of the Tricker's Bourton Country Shoe, a footwear essential that effortlessly transitions from casual to formal wear, making it a perfect choice for summer. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Bourton Country Shoe boasts a timeless design that exudes both sophistication and rugged charm. The rich leather upper, combined with its classic brogue detailing, adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Whether you're strolling through the countryside or attending a summer wedding, the Bourton Country Shoe effortlessly combines style and comfort and is available in Snuff Repello Suede, Moss Kudu and Café Repello Suede. 

Bourton Country Shoe

The final touch... We have a selection of high-quality leather belts that are handmade in England and emboss a discrete Tricker’s logo on the brass buckle. The colour selection that we have on offer pairs well with the leather selection of our shoes and boots and the brass buckle will well company all navy, grey and black suit and short choices.    

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