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The Ultimate Guide to Tricker's Wedding Shoes

Tricker’s have a diverse range of formal, handmade Northampton shoes and boots to choose from for your wedding day, regardless of the time of year or your preferred style. All our shoes and boots are ideal for your special occasion, but that doesn’t mean they’re all right for you.  
We’re going to dive into some of our most selected styles, their colour options, how you can match these with your suit, and which accessories can help complete your look. 
Let’s start with colour 
Traditionally, the groom and groomsmen don’t tailor their wedding outfits by starting with the shoe choice, so let’s think about what suit you’re going to wear! 
If you opt for a navy suit, then you will look suave, but you should stick to the brown colour pallet for your choice of footwear. This could range from our iconic Acorn Antique Calf Leather, to make a statement, to a Café Repello Suede, to keep it slightly more subtle. If you would like a middle ground, then our Espresso Burnished Calf Leather is an ideal choice. At Tricker’s, we have a wide selection of brown shoes and boots in leather and suede, from calf to kudu.

Navy With Chino

The grey suit can be an ideal choice for summer. The grey could range from dark to light in shade, and a lighter choice of shade is great for summer as it will keep you cooler than a black or navy suit. The grey suit allows for more choice when it comes to the colour of footwear you have.

A grey works perfectly fine with black shoes, accompanied by a black tie, belt and black pocket square. Similarly, grey suits pair exceptionally with brown shoes, from Marron Antique to Ridge Reverse Suede. Earth tones also suit a grey suit, particularly Earth Suede. At Tricker’s, our options for brown, black and earth-toned shoes are plentiful.

Grey with Black

The iconic black suit is the most traditional of suit choices and a staple for every sartorial-aware gentleman. Best known for pairing with black shoes, the black suit can also accommodate our iconic Acorn Antique Calf Leather, especially if you want to make a statement of your footwear. The black suit is formally paired with a black belt, black tie and black pocket square, but is a great base to make subtle statements of colour.

Black with Brown

Let’s move on to style  
At Tricker’s our styles come in a range of colours, so regardless of your preferred colourway, we have a style that will be ideal for you.  
The Casual Summer Wedding Style – Of course, traditional wedding attire isn’t for everyone, particularly for those who are wanting to get married on a beach or those who would rather something a little quieter. Imagine loose-fitting white linen shirt and trousers. Tricker’s offers a range of more casual styles that would be perfect for a more casual Summer wedding. Loafers are always able to be dressed up or down, as well as the Robert Derby Shoe, however, two casual yet refined styles include the Daniel Tramping Shoe and Chukka Boots. Daniel is available in a plethora of colours and leathers, meaning no matter what you wear, there will be a Daniel Tramping Shoe to go along with it. The Aldo Chukka Boot would make a fantastic beach wedding shoe, currently available in our Spring 2023 collection in Husk and Navy.  
The Brogue – Tricker’s stocks a large range of brogue shoes and boots, and we are most famous for the Bourton Country Brogue Shoe and the Stow Country Brogue Boot, both of which would be suitable for your wedding day and boast a diverse display of browns, tans and are available in black. The Country Collection are all Derby styles, which is open lacing. This style is slightly more relaxed than its alternative but that isn’t to say it isn’t as sophisticated or stylish. Although Tricker’s are known for making the world’s best country footwear, we have a city shoe that fashions the brogue. Our city shoes are slightly narrower in profile and commonly sport an Oxford fronting, characterised by eyelet tabs that are stitched under the vamp of the shoe, which is known as closed lacing. The Oxford has a more formal aesthetic to it and Tricker’s have the Kensington to offer, which is available in both black and brown tones.  
The City Shoe - More formal than country footwear, we have a selection of city shoes that you could choose from. A shoe that you can dress up or down is the Robert Derby Shoe and we have an extremely large selection of leathers and colours in this style. Robert has a timeless design and as a Derby, is slightly more comfortable than an Oxford because the lacing is open rather than closed. Another choice in our city shoe collection is the Monk Strap. The Monk Strap is highly regarded for its timeless elegance, versatility, and unique charm. It is a popular choice among professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and those who appreciate classic and refined footwear, which is why it has been a staple within our collection. It provides a secure fit and allows for easy adjustment. We offer our Mayfair Monk Strap in Black, Brown and Chocolate Suede. When it comes to the toe-capped Oxford, there is no more iconic city shoe. Our Belgrave and Kensington styles are the epitome of Oxford toe-capped shoes and come in suitable colours for your choice of wedding suit.  
The Loafer – The loafer provides an idyllic profile for the hot summer wedding. There can be debate over whether socks should be worn or not, but we’re not going to have a say in that. What we will mention is that thanks to our use of high-quality and natural materials, and implementation of top-tier linings, our loafers are comfortable and breathable. This makes them commonly worn in the summer. Traditionally, the loafer is built with a single-leather sole which is more lightweight and flexible than a double-leather sole. The single-leather sole also has a city shoe-like profile, helping to keep the loafer formal. We have a large range of loafers available in a range of colours and styles, from tassel loafers to penny loafers in black, brown, navy and earth options.  
The Boot - Boots are perfect for winter weddings, or for those who simply prefer boots! The main three boots Tricker’s offer for a wedding day include Henry, Stow and Lambourn. Stow and Henry are both Country Styles, which are roomier and more rugged in profile. Stow is our iconic Country Brogue Boot and is available in black and multiple shades of brown. Henry is a slip-on dealer boot or a brogue Chelsea boot. Henry is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down. Lambourn is a classic Chelsea boot, available in brown and black. Chelsea boots are a timeless design, suitable for all ages and unlike Henry, Lambourn doesn’t have decorative flourishes or embellishments. 

The final touch... We have a selection of high-quality leather belts that are handmade in England and emboss a discrete Tricker’s logo on the brass buckle. The colour selection that we have on offer pairs well with the leather selection of our shoes and boots and the brass buckle will well company all navy, grey and black suit choices.   

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