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Tricker's Classic 4444 And 4497 Shoe And Boot Lasts

In 1937, Tricker’s commissioned two lasts to celebrate the coronation of King George VI: 4444 is synonymous with our Bourton heavy brogue country shoe and the 4497 is used to produce our most famous country boot, the Stow.






A last is a three dimensional mould made from either wood or high-density plastic that’s hundred per cent recyclable. This defines the shape of the shoe or boot design.

Our shoemakers stretch the closed uppers on individual lasts for all our designs. It’s a delicate operation that requires a brilliant eye, heat, moisture and the occasional touch of force.

The upper is then secured to the woven rib on the insole with small nails and staples to hold the shoe together until the welt is attached. The welt joins the insole to the upper on every pair of Tricker’s shoes and boots.

The sole is then stitched onto the welt. Because our welted shoes are sewn rather than glued together, a skilled craftsman or woman can unstitch and repair them whenever it is needed.

This method is known as Goodyear Welted which is the trademark of quality Northampton-made footwear.

All our lasts are made by local family run business Spring Line. Sadly, they are the only remaining last maker in Britain known locally as ‘the last man standing’.

As the last is the first in the shoe making process, it’s a testament to the Northampton shoe industry and craftsmanship that lasts needed for bespoke orders are still handcrafted in wood.




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