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Tricker's Corbett Walking Boot

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For 2024, we are releasing the Corbett walking boot to celebrate our 195 year anniversary - to give Tricker's customers the chance to wear a pair of sustainable,
Goodyear welted, handmade Northampton walking boots.
A Corbett is a Scottish mountain over 2,500 feet and under 3,000 feet with a drop of at least 500 feet between each listed hill and any adjacent higher one. There are 222 summits classified as a Corbett, and they are named after J R Corbett, who originally listed them; he was one of the founder-members of The Rucksack Club in 1902 with the object “To facilitate walking tours and mountaineering expeditions, both in the British Isles and elsewhere”.  
It's only correct that Tricker's make this effort. Still owned by the founding family, we make the world's best country footwear and we already have some history and heritage. In 1960 Sir Edmund Hillary made a special commission from Tricker’s for boots to be made for himself and his expedition team for his Himalayan ascent of Ama Dablam, a 6,812m mountain. The last used for Sir Edmund Hillary’s order had a raised toe spring, a wider toe and deeper fitting to allow thick socks, and this has inspired the last used for Corbett.  
We wanted to make a boot for the environmentally friendly hiker, a luxurious offering for people who want a quality pair of boots to see them through an extremely long time. A boot that will develop with age and character, step after step. A reliable, durable, sustainable, Goodyear welted walking boot that can be repaired and resoled. A boot that will form to the shape of your foot over time and soon become a pair of fond friends. The epitome of slow fashion, in a walking boot.
To make this venture even more special, Tricker’s commissioned a brand new last to be made by Springline, last 1961. 1961 is a unisex last, as modelled by Adele, our Master Shoemaker, and Michael James, Springline's one and only last man, both of whom are wearing the walking boot in our promotional video. The last time that Tricker's commissioned a new last was to celebrate the coronation of King George VI; this produced our iconic 4444 and 4497s lasts, used for the Bourton and the Stow.  
Corbett is a 6 fit, which is traditionally a wide fitting. However, when you go for a long walk, your body swells, particularly your feet and hands. Walking boots need to allow for more width while your feet swell for comfort, particularly as they're going to be on your feet for a long time. Traditionally, hiking socks are quite thick. The 6-width allows for both a thick hiking sock and a foot that has increased in size due to exercise. This is a boot that is for everyone. 
Whilst we always test our patterns and styles, we've gone above and beyond with this walking boot. Our Master Shoemaker Adele and Spring Line's Michael James ventured into the Scottish Highlands to put the boot to the test. Experiencing all-terrain whilst hiking into the wilderness and taking bothies as shelter along the way.
The Corbett walking boot should be paired with dubbin which must be generously applied to the welt and stitching of the boot to uphold its water-resistant properties. Because leather is a natural material, it is not waterproof. You must maintain these boots with dubbin, particularly by backfilling the welt and applying it to the stitching and using neutral wax polish to maintain the leather upper. Wax polish acts like a temporary barrier to the elements, particularly water. Because it's a temporary barrier you should apply it regularly. You should remove any existing polish before applying more. You can do this by rubbing the wax off with a warm cloth.  
Corbett Walking Boot Specs:   
  • 6 width fit   
  • Unisex last 1961    
  • Pittard Water Resistant Full Grain Calf Leather    
  • Full Grain Leather Lining   
  • 5 Ski Rings with 2 Speed Hooks in Gun Metal   
  • Triple Stitched Uppers   
  • Leather Pull Loop   
  • Vibram Montagna - Full Black Rubber Sole
  • Suede Padded Collar   
  • Gusseted Half Bellows Tongue   
  • Goodyear Storm Welt  
  • EVA Midsole to provide cushioning and rebound aid
  • Breathable, Moisture Absorbing Footbed to increase comfort and softness (built-in insole which the 1961 last accommodates)
  • Cork Filler
  • Wooden Shank
  • A size 9 pair is 1.68kg and a single size 9 weighs 0.84kg. The weight will vary slightly by size. 

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