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Web Exclusive, New ConsTruct Release: Burford Derby Country Boot

Now available! Unique to our web-exclusive ConsTruct range, the Burford Derby Ankle Boot.

Available in Black and Brown, these boots are sure to make a statement - exclusive to 100 pairs.

Willi Wolf reintroduced the Albbueffel buffalo to "Schwäbische Alb" in 2005. The goal was to use the buffalo in landscape maintenance and to establish sustainable breeding focused not on maximising meat and milk yield but on the character and well-being of the animals. Following the 'head to tail' principle, all parts of the animal are utilised, and nothing is wasted.

Failenschmid Butchers, with a tradition dating back to 1740, has exclusive access to these buffalo, as they are extremely limited in quantity. They only get a couple a week.

Failenschmid uses all parts of the animal, both in their family butchers and restaurant. Mr. Failenschmid operates the butchers whilst his wife works the family restaurant. It's a beautiful scene.

Failenschmid owns the Albbueffel® brand and sets the benchmark in not only raising this herd of buffalo in Germany, in particular the rough region they are being raised but also when selling any part of the animals according to the Failenschmid standard. The hides can be traced not only to the farm but to the exact field the buffalos were in, as it's all a very small operation. Everything they do is totally transparent, which resonates with Tricker's ethos.

Albbueffel® has given Weinheimer tannery a limited 100 pairs worth of Alb buffalo hides, to be tanned with Olivenleder® tanning agent to produce one of the most exclusive Olivvia® (Olivenleder) leathers available - The Albbueffel® Olivenleder® Buffalo Leather.

Olivenleder tanning agent is entirely free from metal traces, and partners who use Olivenleder must sign a zero cross-contamination waiver to ensure this is always the case. Olive leaves and pruning are used in the agent, as a byproduct of the olive oil industry, ensuring there is less damage to the environment, as these leaves and pruning are traditionally burnt.

The result of this amazing partnership is the Tricker's Burford ConsTruct Derby Ankle Boot - exclusive to 100 pairs - available in black or brown Albbueffel® Olivenleder® Leather.

Built on the iconic 4497S last, the ConsTruct Burford is purposely unassuming in its design; a clean seven-eyelet Derby ankle boot. Unique to our web-exclusive ConsTruct range, this Burford won't be available from anywhere else.

Whilst we've been applying the same methods of manufacturing and construction to our footwear that first established our reputation, to keep up the momentum in the ever-changing world of fashion we've applied new materials and finishes to come with classic Tricker's patterns.

As with all Tricker’s shoes and boots, each pair of Burford boots are handmade in-house in our Northampton factory in England by skilled Tricker’s craftspeople using traditional methods, and to the same exacting standards that first established our reputation centuries ago.

To order the Burford Derby Ankle Boot, click here 

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